Seduisant Beauty was established in the year 2000 and has since been providing advanced, safe and reliable facial and skin treatment making the skin look younger and more radiant. Our advanced state-of-the-art skin treatment machines provides a safe and effective way of treating skin problems.

Seduisant Beauty has more than 12 outlets throughout Singapore and Malaysia with more than 100,000 existing customers who count on Seduisant Beauty for radiant looking skin. Seduisant Beauty is also endorsed by several popular celebrities who are ambassador's of Seduisant Beauty.

Seduisant Beauty has more than 120 dedicated beauticians with the skill and experience in facial and skin treatment to care for your skin. Our professionally trained staff ensure safe, comfortable and reliable treatment sessions.

Our outlets provide a calm and relaxing environment to soothe the senses and relax the mind. Visit one of our outlets to experience it for yourself.


Seduisant 美容院创办于千禧年,提供顾客先进、安全、可靠的美容护肤治疗法,让肌肤展现青春、晶莹剔透。Seduisant 美容院所引进的高水准美容护肤治疗仪器提供完善和有效地根治肌肤问题。

Seduisant 美容院已拥有12 家连锁美容院遍及新加坡和马来西亚,得到超过十万位主顾的信赖为他们提供专业的服务。Seduisant 美容院同时赢得了数位知名人士极好的口碑和美誉,蔡佩璇并成为 Seduisant 美容院的代言人。

Seduisant 美容院雇用超过120名专业的美容师,提供专业的技术与经验让你的肌肤得到完美的保护。我们训练有素的美容师能确保美容治疗法的品质保证。

Seduisant 连锁美容院为顾客营造出开放心灵、解除压力的空间,让每一位顾客都能在宁静与轻松的环境下接受我们的美容治疗。请光临我们的美容院,亲身体验这高品质的服务和卓著的疗效!